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Dentures & Partials

Dentures & Partials

Thanks to modern advances in dentistry, dentures and partials from Ella Kerzhner DMD offer great fit.

You’ve probably heard of dentures. These removable dental prosthetics have been used for centuries in some form or fashion, but you might not realize that today’s dentures and partials are stronger, more attractive, and more comfortable than ever before. Hundreds of years ago, dentures might be made from wood or animal bone, but today we use lightweight, natural-looking materials to create dentures and partials that will make you feel satisfied with your smile. At Ella Kerzhner DMD in Westampton, NJ, Dr. Ella Kerzhner uses her talents to provide patients with reliable dentures and partials for tooth replacement.

Dentures and partials can replace all of your teeth (full dentures) or some of your teeth (partial dentures). Well-crafted dentures are held in place by the fit to the jaw and suction with the roof of your mouth. Over the years, we can help keep your denture comfortable and highly functional with regular refittings – every mouth changes shape over the years, but refitting your dentures can greatly lengthen their life.

If you’re completely endentulous, a full denture or implant-supported denture will be the best solution for your smile. You can’t maintain your lifestyle if you’re missing all of the teeth along either your upper or lower arch; eating will be impossible, and you’ll find it difficult to speak properly. In order to support proper nutrition and your ability to confidently go about your life with a full smile, we can have beautiful dentures crafted for you at our Westampton dental office.

A partial denture is a flexible way to replace multiple teeth with a single dental prosthetic. With modern materials, your partial denture will blend beautifully with your remaining teeth, improving overall health. Missing teeth lead to shifting bite, gaps, problems with function, make cavities and gum disease more likely, and even increase your risk of losing more teeth. Partial dentures can help prevent these problems.

At Ella Kerzhner DMD in Westampton, NJ, dentures and partials provide an affordable alternative to other forms of tooth replacement. If you’re not a candidate for dental implants or fixed bridge, you can still find relief from missing teeth in the form of dentures and partials. We believe you’ll be amazed when you see the level of quality achieved by Dr. Ella Kerzhner. Contact us to find out how we can help you get your smile back. Our office is convenient for patients from Mt. Holly, Lumberton, Burlington, Willingboro, Hainesport, and other nearby New Jersey communities, and we offer flexible hours to make receiving the dental care you need easy.

811 Woodlane Rd,
Westampton, NJ 08060